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Sorry,I have neglected the Zelda games and also have been stuck not able to get on the computer for a few days.

Maybe you can request for the attempt at making an ubershader that compiles the new ones while the normal shader uses the cached ones.
This is the general idea of what Dolphin Emulator is supposed to get sometime soon.

Those "Half Frames" codes are capable of removing the stutters if you set them high enough,but also have an impact on performance when set to higher values.
Or maybe PJ64 on strong computers still stutters despite using the codes.
But any computer strong enough to run GLideN64 should be able to handle it anyway.
Super Smash Bros. is bugged on my end with the extreme 7F as a value,but only at the intro and ending where loading the scenes is horrificly laggy and the ending credits cause a performance hit if you can't handle it,even though the main game itself is flawless to quantumly non existant load times in all modes.

Donkey Kong 64 unfortunately times too fast while Banjo-Tooie does not seem to have the issue since the JiggyWiggy Challenge timer didn't go insane.
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