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Originally Posted by lelumberjackz View Post
Hi, i'm new here, and I am getting frustrated by something happening to me.

So, when I play any game in Project 64, there is a blue bar that shows this:

r4300i: (a percentage) GFX: % Alist: % Idle: %

Keep in mind that I am in fullscreen, and I also hooked an HDMI cable up to my HDTV. This blue box doesn't seem to go away and it takes up a good chunk of the screen (bottom half). Anyone know how I can remove it? I cannot change to another graphics plugin, because the current one i'm using (Jabo's Direct3d8 1.7) displays properly on my TV.

can't post a screenshot, it gives me a black image for the screenshot.
That's just a setting.. Go to options and disable the show cpu usage option.
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