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Default written by Darkside

Menus in red, background in dark blue, containers in royal blue, on-mouse over links and element in orange and/or have a glass, crystal effect. I see the whole website in my head and it looks cool . Letters can be in orange, white or light blue. It's just some suggestions to guide you in a total revamp of the website. If you want some other textures I would see rocks around containers colored in blue. A detailed banner made in Photoshop that shows the personality of your Project64 logo under another angle. And as this is a website promoting a N64 emulator, you could add elements to the N64 world : Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, etc mixed through the background. If you want a title to your "PJ64 Menu" you could use the app's icon or your current logo above and make it smaller as a title. Finally, this is how I would a second life to the website. I may not have said everything but this should help you a lot for your website. It will give the website his uniqueness. Don't forget that you could add your own personality at the website. In my opinion, a good website is something that is organized and fits well into its concept (I mean how the menus are organized, you get it) and something that you must like, too. I will be very honest with the current white and blue website. It makes me think too much about forums websites, typical blogs. The design is ok but if the design has to change, I would see something different than this design. I know you guys are pros in what you like to do. I am sure that you will not disappoint us . Good luck in the website's design.