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I cannot restore most of the heart pieces you collected, since that was the one thing that was too annoying for me to finish reversing. If I could go back in time to when I had more time I would probably have finished implementing it, but I'm not sure I can maintain this save editor of mine so regularly now.

Everything else you said, however, I think I can restore.

zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --file-erase
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --file-new true
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --file-rename "Link    " # or whatever name you want
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --owl-statues 0000000011011100
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 0000 # have Ocarina of Time
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 0101 # have Hero's Bow
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 0E0D # have Pictograph Box
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 0F0E # might want the Lens of Truth
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 1212 # have an Empty Bottle
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 1312 # here, have another
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 1D32 # Deku Mask
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 2333 # Goron Mask
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --songs 0000000011010011
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --wallet 01
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --temple-Woodfall 00000111
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --boss-masks 0001 # you finished Woodfall
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --temple-Snowhead 00000111 # map, compass, boss key
so you get:

* all the required masks to get there
* Goron's Lullaby, Sonata of Awakening, Song of Time/Healing and Oath to Order
* Odolwa's remains
* convenience dungeon navigation items for Woodfall, Snowhead
* a few of those stupid empty bottles (let me know if you need more)
* owl statues marked at Clock Town, Mountain Village, Snowhead, Woodfall/Swamp
* the Adult's Wallet (max 200 rupees)

You probably want more than that like, extra masks, (I personally use the Blast Mask from North Clock Town to blast my way through the snow boulders to even get to Mountain Village anyway.) but if so just say so I guess.