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PJ64's jabo can't be ported no source and no portable API. that's the only thing you could think of when talking about "better video" as glide does exist on mupen and works just fine.

In general you can't just plop a PJ64 Port to another device and expect it to work as well as the PC version. There's a reason mupen is on every device, its because it was designed to be portable from the getgo, a lot of work went into that consideration. PJ64 never had that consideration and uses a lot of Windows specific code, you'd have to rewrite big parts and also expect a load of bugs. It makes much more sense for crossplatform devs to port and enhance mupen, because it has taken many of the platformspecifics out of the way already.

Unless jailbroken IOS has another problem, you can't use dynamic recompilation, so you would be stuck with the interpreter which will be slower.

And you clearly are biased, saying you don't like mupen because of "Yuck" is not a valid argument in any way, shape or form. If you have a concrete example we could help you with a solution.

tl:dr no you can't port PJ64 to non-windows.
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