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Originally Posted by retroben View Post
It is more along the lines of video lists from RSP stability like DK64 having proper collisions and correct DK Rap Animation and other games running more decently on PJ64 while failing on some versions of Mupen64/Plus because of the admittedly crappy Recompiler.

One example is the dreaded Banjo-Tooie crashes and Banjo-Kazooie freezing on Mupen64Plus AE.
A recompiler is processor specific, the one used on android/ARM is a different, completely new one, with a new set of potential problems, from the one used on x86 or x86_64 platforms. all these things work on m64p's recompiler on x86 platforms, so hardly mupen's fault in general.

Same thing applies to PJ64, you can't use its recompiler on arm, it recompiles to x86 code, you'd have to rewrite that.
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