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fair enough. ya the problem isn't really LLE, although HLE is obviously faster. the real issue (performance wise) is hardware acceleration. that's also a reason why Glide is slower, because it does more things in software than other HLE plugins.

heh, I went back and tested SM64 in z64gl. the graphics are amazing and it's hard to even go back to HLE for that game ;/ . hLE needs some srs work done ;/ .

Originally Posted by Tasoulis View Post
Just for reference, Glide64 runs pretty good on my old PC (Pentium 4 3.0ghz) with the exception of a few games. Also, there are some slowdown parts in various games like the file select screen in Goldeneye and the craft select screen in F-Zero X. But i had this plugin as my default for years and it served me well.

This is an ancient CPU anyway, a modern PC would run this plugin and it's successor in idle mode. It may be slower than Jabo and some other plugins but with modern CPUs those differences don't really matter.
Laptops from a few years ago may struggle with Glide for demanding games. Glide runs well enough on my laptop though.
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