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Originally Posted by Kallirosd View Post
(Example: "Banjo-Tooie" 's Jiggie Puzzle to unlock new worlds - each Jigsaw, including those already in the board, are mostly completely white with sometimes small or big color bars filling it, creating no image at all. Some jigsaws which are filled with colored bars remain in the right.)
Same thing happened to me but thats going to stay like that...sadly. after just about every option that i tried that would keep the game runnign at decent frames its just how it was. best thing u can do though is just match the pattern of bars and stuff and hope to god u dont get a completely blank board (happened to me on stage 7 and up puzzles lol)

Originally Posted by Kallirosd View Post
Also, another interesting thing I should add is the fact that Banjo-Tooie requires now and then saving (F5) to actually keep on functioning. If I forget to save in 15 min to 1h, the game completely freezes. But if I save regularly, the game will keep on working. Any note on that?
this to me seems like "the belly of the beast". cause ive had the same problem tille about after stage 8. after stage 8 i played through to the end without a hiccup for about 3 hours (going back and getting everything lol)

btw wat is the ram on ur graphics card? and wat slot does it go in...if u can find that out lol (agp, pci or pci-e)