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Default Project 64 Games Performance

No third party software should be neccessary. I'm guessing you're PC isn't some premium high-end gaming rig trying to use 3D Analyze, but you should be fine as 1.6 "should" perform well on even the most modest of PC's. Certain games though like GoldenEye or Perfect Dark do suffer if you don't have a decent setup, but they're by no means unplayable. Banjo-Tooie should run fine. Also certain games work better with certain plugins. There exists a Wiki that has games and recommended plugins for them.

Off hand I know that Banjo-Kazooie has a workaround to emulate the "puzzle effect" on the default 1.6 video plugin.

1. Go to Options, Configure Graphics, set Full-Scene Antialiasing to Off. 2. Go to Options, Configure Graphics, Advanced, Copy framebuffer to RDRAM.


The above Kazooie settings will likely slow down lower-end PC's.

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