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Default Black Screen on Intel any GFX Plugin except Jabo's

I have several Notebooks here, 2 with Intel + AMD and 3 more have "Intel only" GPU (all Windows 10). No issues on "Intel + AMD" -> any GFX plugin works as it should.
Copying the same Project64-setup into one of those "Intel only" notebooks (Dell, i7, HD Grafics 4000 or 4600) any GFX plugin shows a black screen while the Game is running (i can here the sound).

Only "Jabo's Direct3D8" running perfect but not so perfect with Quake and some more games.

Tested for black screen, game running on "Intel only", Windows 10:

Games: 3 Marios, the 2 Banjo's, the 2 Zelda's, Quake and more.

GFX Plugins:
Glide64 Final...
Glide64 2.1.2...
GlideN64 Public Release 4.0
GlideN64 rev.438bcc4
Project64 Video Plugin

Project64 Versions: 2.3.2 and

Windows 7 Test:
switching one "only Intel" notebook from Win10 back to Win7 (changing SSD) - now all GFX plugins working again! (GlideN64 rev.438bcc4 buggy but that's not so important). Setting Project64.exe to Win7 compatibility in Windows 10 had no success.

Too sad, i announced my son "play Quake 1 in Windows 10" but there seems no chance on 'only Intel inside'? Anybody got the plugin's to run in Win10?
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