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Originally Posted by MELERIX View Post
and how did you expect that an user will understand the rules if he doesn't know english ?

in the same way that you don't understand spanish right ?
u no finish reading posts
me repeat again

It takes *intelligence* to observe something like that.
Not "knowledge of the rules" in your language.

For example, I go to a forum.
I see that it is written 99% in Spanish.
I don't post in my native language because I see it's a Spanish forum.

Only you non-English people can't possibly comprehend that for some reason.
(heh, I'm just being a dumbass, never mind me)

Originally Posted by MELERIX View Post
imho the user was not doing nothing wrong, we do not know his age to judge him, he was just requesting basic help in his native language, because for obvious reason you can notice that he does not talk in english, and that is not a reason to treat him without respect.
Well, age doesn't make something more or less worth moderating.
He could be 3 months old and posting hentai across the forum; doesn't change the likelihood of it getting deleted.

Bing Translate/even Google Translate that piece of crap!
Different ways to post in English.

Anyway, there isn't an "actual" rule to keep all posts in English.
It was just something the (old) moderators of this site agreed on, but a rules list was never actually organized.

So I don't really care that much; I just wasn't gonna reply as harshly as squall did.
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