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Outta time to find any more values for now.

I think these are sub-actions and actions+animations.

Edit:Back to find some more.

Edit2:Ran out of space for text,LOL!

More Walking Animation
816CDFCE 0xxx
03=Always Slow Walk
06=Idle Animations
2E=Unused Pushing???
46=Chimpy Charge (loops)
47=Diddy Minecart
48=Diddy MCart Jump
49=DD MCart Lean Right
4A-4B=DD MCart Crouch???
4D=DD Mcart Lean Left
4F=DK/Chunky MCart Wave
67=Crew Stances!!!
68-69=Thinking Stance?
6B-6C=Waiting??? DK Shyness
6D=Idle Juggling
6E=Standing Around?
6F=Lanky Runs,Others Motionless???
70=Lanky Walks,Others WTF? and Don't Shoot!
71=Diddy Wakes From Sleeping,Lanky WTF?,Tiny O_O,Chunky Don't Shoot!
72=DK Flopping His Foot
73=Scared Walking
74=Looking Around
75=Hands On Ground
76=Creepy Walking
78=Simian Slam/More Creepy Walking
79=DK Weird/Diddy Running
7A=DK Pulling Lever,Chunky Is Funny
7B=Diddy Slip Turn
7D-7E=Various Funny/Weird
7F=Diddy Taking Damage
81=Diddy Drowning
82=Diddy Taking Damage
83=Diddy Getting Up
84=Diddy Jump,Chunky WTF?
85=More WTF?
86=Even More WTF? Chunky Push-ups
87=WTF? Dammit Chunky! Stop Twerking!
88=Diddy Loss As Other Kongs
89=Lanky Idle Juggling?
8A=Swim Animation
8B=Ledge Movement
8D-8E=Diddy Barrel Anims
8F=Diddy Crouching
90=Diddy Crouch Movement As DK,Diddy Backflip
91=Diddy Swim/Ledges?
92=Various,Lanky Crouch Movement
93=DK Gun,Weird
94=DK Gun Jump,Lanky Used Bongos,Chunky
95=Look How Gayly Chunky Runs
96=Diddy Climbing Ledge
97=Vine Climbing
98=Adorably Sitting
99=Various,Chunky MCart
9A=Various,Lanky Drowning
9B=DK Gun,DD Final Neutral,Lkey Takes Damage,Tiny Diddy Roll,Chunky Sliding
9D=Diddy's Tail Whip,Kongs Posing
9E=Diddy's 2nd Tail Whip
9F=DD Airborne Tail Attack
A0=DD Bomb Throw
A2=Strange Walk Holding
A3=DK Rap Hands Rising
A4=...And Stronger Too,Rehearsed Arm Turn
A5=Various Diddy Anims (funny)
A6=He's Bigger...,Chunky Surprised
A7=...Faster,Lanky's Air Guitar,Chunky Doing Diddy's Dance!
A8=Ring Of Kong,DD Final Neutral Attack
A9=Squatting Pose,Chimpy Charge,Tiny '_'
AA=Hands Left And Right
AB=Bowing To Fungi Forest Boss (banned in UK release)
AC=Battle Pad Specific Character Stance
AD=Various,Chunky Dance In Weird Disposition
AE=Orangestand,Tiny Is Awesome,Chunky Funny Dance
B0=Various DD Anims As Others
B1=Various,Lanky OrangeWalk,Chunky Funny
B2=Various,Lanky OrangeRun,Chunky Don't Shoot
B3=DK Moving Attack,Others Injured Walk
B4=DK Airborne Attack,Others DK Roll
B5=DK Bomb Throw,Others Rising Hands
B6=Posing With Hands On Head
B7=Tiny's Flip Stunt
B8=DK's Head Slam
B9=DK's Fist Slam
BA=DK's Barrel Walking
BB=DK's Jump On Enemy
BC=Main Menu Barrel Anims,Chunky Dances With Banana
BD=Same as BC,Lanky Don't Shoot
BE=MM Barrel,Hit In Water
BF=MM Barrel Thrown,DD Push-ups,Lanky's Mid Walk,Tiny Push-ups,Chunky Imitate Pick Lanky
C0=How Did He Do That/He Can't Jump High,Lanky Potion
C1=DK Push-ups Hoard
C2=DK Push-ups Before One-Armed
C3=Lanky Looking,Others Weird
C4=Lanky Standing,Others Weird
C5=Lanky Losing Patience,Others Weird
C6=DK Worm,Others Swimstroke
C7=Somebody Vine
C8=Various Lanky Anims,Chunky Tornado
CA=Various,Lanky Juggling,Chunky Dances Like A Girl (Tiny)
CB=Various,Chunky Fails On Ring Of Kongs (Lanky)
CC=No Pictures,Lanky Balloon!!!
CD=Various,Lanky Balloon Moving
CE=Similar To CD
CF=GET OUT OF HERE!,Lanky *pfffft*
D0=Funny Walking,Lanky Balloon
D1=Lanky DK Crew Member Dance,Others Weird
D2=More Balloon,Others Don't Shoot (Lanky)
D3=Lanky???,Others Arms Behind Back (Lanky)
D4=???,Lanky Balloon
D5=Lanky Ring Of Kongs,Others Balloon O_O
D6=Fails ROK As Lanky,Lanky Rising Hands
D7=Arms Tensed
D8=Various Funny Lanky Anims
D9=Various,Chunky Does Lanky Crouching
DA=Diddy's DK Rap Pose
DB=Everybody Has Air Guitar
DC=Weird Knee Crouch
DD=Various Kewl Poses!
DE=After Rehearsed Arm Swipe
DF=Various Strange
E0=Diddy's Jetpack Spin Stunt
E1=Chunky's Ring Of Kongs
E2=Diddy's Jetpak On
E4=*clears throat* *takes breath*NEXT
E5=KONG FIST! (brofist)
E7=DK Bigger,DD PattyCake,Chunky Drank Tiny's Potion!
E8=DK MCart?,Diddy Not Picked,Chunky Mad Like Tiny
E9=Hey there
EA=DK Juggles,Others Diddy Jetpak,Chunky Aggravated
EB=DK Vogue,Others Awooga Face
EC=Kongs Are Banana Fairies
ED=Fall Off A Cliff???
EF=DK Tiny Pose?,Others Evil Entities
F0=Come Get Some
F1=Diddy's Jetpak
F2=Diddy's Jetpak Hover
F3=DK Holding Barrel
F4=DK Flopping His Foot As Anykong
F5=Various DK Hoard Scenes
F6=DK Slips Peel,Lanky Drank DK's Potion!,Tiny DK Banana Cheer,Chunky Bonks Head Like DK
F7=DK Swats At Kasplat,Others Drown Like DK
F8=Diddy Stomps Aztec Boss' Baby,Chunky Ow Stop It!
F9=Diddy Hops After Aztec Boss' Baby,Tiny Exhausted,Chunky Drowns?
FA=DK Pulls Lever,Diddy Gets Freed,Tiny...Has A Funny Face!
FB=Lanky Does DK Final Neutral,Chunky Drowns Like DK
FC=Chunky Gets Shocked
FD=Various,Diddy Is Shy
FE=DK Is Shy,Others Stiff
FF=DK Floaty,Others Stiff
This one is for faster walking?
It strangely causes different animations???

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