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Originally Posted by retroben View Post
About the OOT 60fps,I now know that it has proven itself even more gameplay worthless because you get stuck on Gohma's door and other spots when Deku Scrubs shoot at you because their shots explode immediately.
I had forgotten this unfortunate issue and it is too irritating to attempt any further on fixing this myself,sorry.

I am dedicated to finding the one code in SM64 that can fix all issues with 60fps.
All I need is what can be found in most Rare games like Banjo-Kazooie,Tooie and Conker,hopefully other games also have this one thing.
This seems like a mystery.. what can be found in those games?????

Also, I had mentioned that the ability to copy the sign post cheat for SM64 to Zelda is there, at least with some (hearts, and rupees)of the objects. This could lead to better animation timings in Zelda. Its hard to tell if other objects freeze animation when you read a sign, AKA the deku nut explosions. Worth a shot..

For SM64 you think that there is a master code to fix the animation speeds? What are you thinking? thoughts please.. Mario looks super smooth in 60fps. .
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