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Originally Posted by Marcelo_20xx View Post
Its totally playable, I haven't come to a gamestopping bug and I am at the water temple, its just annoying that the game keeps resseting the FPS to the default 20 (so that is why I need to hex edit the rom to make the 30FPS code permanent) , also I don't play on 60FPS (that is broken beyond fixing) but on 30FPS mode. The key is the following: If you find a bug, like retroben found the deku scrub's shots explode, just change to 20FPS mode before that part with a toggle (that's why I need to map cheats to the D-pad arrows and not use a key that the game is using) then after you pass that part you resume to 30FPS mode. Believe me its totally worthy, you can experience at last a fluid gameplay in OoT.

The deku sticks DOES burn fast, but it doesn't prevent you from finishing a particularly puzzle SINCE you can move faster too, so the game logic is at the same speed too, you only need to react more quickly...

The only thing that I found was in need of a code was the cycle between day and night, hopefully I found a timespeed modifier...
interesting.. what happens to the jumping physics when you switch back to 20fps? and what consequences will happen to the pause screen when you use hex lock it to 30fps?
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