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Originally Posted by WinchDawg24 View Post
I am using Project64 When I select "Configure Controller Plugin.." and try to input the controls for my Nintendo 64 controller (a,b,z,r,l, d-pad, c-buttons) it is not recognizing when I press the buttons.

It is odd because when I go to my computer's Control Panel (Hardware and Sound ----> Devices and Printer) to connect my controller (which is recognized as "USB GamePad") and adjust its properties, it recognizes all of the buttons and analog stick movements. So I believe my controller and adapter is working properly and they are securely plugged in.

My only problem is when I go to the "Configure Controller Plugin.." (under "Options" in the Project64 emulator) and it fails to recognize my inputs. This brings up a window titled "N-Rage Input V-2 - Configuration". I really wanted to do this to play with the controller, not the keyboard.

Please help me!

Originally Posted by CyberchaoX View Post
I'm having the same problem. I'm disappointed to see that you posted this almost 3 months ago and have gotten no responses; all other threads that Google turns up refer to older versions of the emulator.
I don't know why it won't work if the controller responds properly within Windows' control panel. The only thing I'd suggest is running the emu as administrator. Something else to try is when opening the USB controller utility within Windows, try clicking advanced and "prefer" the N64 gamepad.

I use an N64 controller myself more often than not and had no issue configuring NRage to it (when I used it). I use a plugin exclusive to the controller adapter I use, but if you STILL can't get you N64 controller to work then click HERE.

It's an input plugin from 1.7. It's an old reliable plugin, IMO and if the plugin doesn't work then I'm not sure how else to help.

Good luck!

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