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Also D2 and D3 cause the opposite activator to happen so you can make it so a code is activated only if the value at an address is not equal to the one you choose.

So if there is a dangerous time to write to an address such as when a specific value is used,you can tell it to only write there if that address is not the value that can cause problems if changed at that point.

There is also the 50 command called a "patch code" which can greatly shorten long codes where you either use a long string of the same values or a series of calculated matching values at precise distances from one another.
I can't remember just how this one works despite me making a huge multiple parts code much shorter,I am bad about that for this code type sadly.

Copy/paste from a gshi text guide; The Secrets of Professional Gameshark Hacking

"Patch codes, aka Serial Repeaters, are used to make a code string shorter. EG, You have five codes put together to give you "all weapons." Use the patch to shorten it to two codes. XX is the number of addresses to write; YY is the amount (offset) to add to each address; ZZ is the amount to add to each value."
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