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My idea would be to document functionality that a game requires, like TLB, or FrameBuffer effects, and to also document recommended plugins/settings.

For instance what i would write for Smash Bros, is that it doesn't use TLB and that it needs framebuffer copying for the results screen in 1 player mode. That way, users would know that they can turn off framebuffer copying if they never play 1 player mode. They could also disable TLB to get a CPU performance boost. Then for graphics, i would say that only Angrylion's and GLideN64 get that intro effect right. Then also mention that most HLE plugins have graphical glitches and mention that Z64gl, Glide64, and Jabo are decent alternatives for people who can't use Angrylion's or GLideN64.

It would be good to mention games that are noticeably less accurate in HLE.

I think being able to provide the next best alternatives is great. It would be good to highlight cases where other HLE plugins actually 100% work better than GLideN64, like those Culture Brain games. It would be nice to mention that SD Hiryuu, for example runs fairly decent in Glide64 and that Rice Video would be the next best alternative, if Glide64 is too slow. This way, people know what to use to get the best experience per-game.

Originally Posted by SuperTurboTurkeyStuffer View Post
That said, maybe the wiki could be useful for documenting just how broken Jabo/Glide64 are currently because there's a lot of "looks fine to me" sentiment that still floats around. Demonstrating otherwise has some merit. I mean, Glide64 can't even render Mario 64 correctly. It gets the texture filtering mode wrong on the HUD. It just gets worse from there.
I think that would actually be good, as someone who rarely uses GLideN64 . For instance, in Super Smash Bros, I see no point in using GLideN64 over Glide64, except for the intro. It doesn't justify the performance gap imho. This is the first time i've seen someone say Glide64 is noticeably less accurate for Mario64. I'm pretty sure no hi-res plugin does texture filtering properly. Maybe bad settings were used, but even Super Robot Spirits looked bad last time i checked it out in GLideN64. That's one of the reasons I stick to Software Rendering in many cases. I play quite a few 2D-heavy games. HW rendering is just too inaccurate and the not-so-great performance only makes it less enticing.
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