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Originally Posted by magmarock64 View Post
The key word here is "discontinued" meaning that the game is no longer available for Eg GoldenEye, when you download GoldenEye who exactly are you stealing it from? The ownership of GoldenEye is divided amongst multiple companies.

Don't believe the lies of those bloody commercials that say internet piracy is equal to mugging someone or breaking onto there house. It's not even close, I think if the people who make these ads knew what they where talking about they'd tell the industry to get stuffed
"Out of print!" not discontinued, its not a service but a product. Just because they do not make anymore copies of the game, it does not mean you are authorized to take copies.

I didn't even compare this to violence, just theft. Just because you didn't beat down a person to get a copy of ROM data, its still stealing. You are just ignoring the fact its wrong.

Originally Posted by xcdjy View Post
Theft removes original. Like, I got my pen nicked, I don't have it anymore. Piracy doesn't (in general) - whoever the companies are, they still have the games somewhere.
Someone takes your paid for DVD video and copies it, and the gives it back like its nothing. Now tell me that didn't seem wrong, not one bit, your hard earned money means nothing if you just let others just take a copy.


Just to put the topic to rest, taking a copy of a game without the owners consent (either by trade or permission) is wrong and illegal. There is no other way around it, even if you don't like it. There are many used and even a few new copies which are still around for the Nintendo 64. Plus, ROM Dumpers are legal, if not CD burners/recorders, cameras, audio recorders, etc shouldn't be on sale in a public store.

I know its wrong and illegal, and I have done it. But, I'm not excusing myself, nor I'm not going to do anything more about it. I just can't sit here seeing everyone else think nothing of it.
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