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What the? When I use rsp_hle.dll with any GPU plugin, the audio doesn't output anything, but when I go back to the default (the RSP plugin that came with PJ64), the audio works fine. I get this message right before I noticed the audio not outputting. This is Jabo's DSound 1.7.1.


rsp_hle (which the emulator still calls LLE when it's HLE based) + Jabo or Glide 64 = no audio in any of the games tested

Default RSP plugin + any GPU plugin = sound shows up.

Games tested with rsp_hle

Perfect Dark
Hydro Thunder
Goemon's Great Aventure

All of these games had no audio when using rsp_hle with any GPU or audio plugin. Using the default rsp plugin however does not have this issue.

Edit: Derp. Used the rsp_mle plugin and now I have sound (LLE) with Glide 64. Wow is my face red.
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Oh, and Snes9x > Zsnes in every way

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