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OpenSL ES afaik is Android-only and is not cross-platform. (There's OpenGL ES which is a subset of OpenGL for embedded mobile phones, but OpenGL ES contexts do not run on desktop Windows, Linux etc. (with special exceptions I won't delve into)).

There's OpenAL which never made it very far and is stuck at a proprietary version 1.1, much unlike OpenGL which made it to 4.x. OpenSL ES has entirely different function names than from OpenAL, but you could say it's based loosely on the API. At any rate, it doesn't work on Android! Only OpenSL ES or high-level APIs running on top of it like SDL do.

Originally Posted by Frank74
It would be nice to have custom settings for every game that needs them. Then there would be no need for any options apart from backend driver selection.
Your switch on the game IDs is pretty cool, but as a matter of principle I think game-specific settings should go in a INI file or something. The plugin code should focus on system accuracy and not game-by-game overrides. I understand it's niftier and easier to do it with the switch cases inside the code you did in the interim.
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