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The default controller plugins have to be configured - you just map your stick's up direction to N64 analogue down, and your stick's down direction to N64 analogue up. This inverts your controller stick which should fix it.

If the game you're playing makes it awkward to have your stick inverted the whole time then you can use N-rage. With the N-rage plugin you can use modifiers to make it so that your stick inverts and un-inverts when you press a button - you could map it to spacebar. Or, for example, on Jet Force Gemini I set it to invert my analogue stick when I held R (analogue stick controls aim) down but to put it back to normal when I let go (analogue stick controls movement). If you have trouble with N-rage I think there's a pretty good help feature in a readme file or something, or you can post again.

N-rage has lots of cool features like that. <3 N-rage.

AND BTW obvious point I should have remembered - even though in those days analogue sticks were inverted by default (inverted is the original truth of aiming!!) quite a few games had an invert/uninvert option hidden deep in the in-game menus. So if you're playing on of those you should dig through the menus.

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