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i'm new to this board. I just registered to make a request..
I hope this is allowed.

At the moment, i have the fun of my life playing a patched version of the OoT Debug ROM in which i play as Fierce Deity Link:

I already found a code to remove his gear on the back to make it look more accurate. The only thing thats really different now is Link's size, since Fierce Deity Link is really tall in Majora's Mask:

What i need now is a Link Size Modifier for the Debug Rom.
The code was made for nearly every version of Ocarina of Time:


Link Size Modifier: (by cooliscool)

U V1.0:

811DAA80 xxxx - X
811DAA84 xxxx - Y
811DAA88 xxxx - Z

U V1.1:

811DAC40 xxxx
811DAC44 xxxx
811DAC48 xxxx

U V1.2:

811DB340 xxxx
811DB344 yyyy
811DB348 zzzz

E V1.0:

811D8880 xxxx
811D8884 xxxx
811D8888 xxxx

E V1.1:

811D88C0 xxxx
811D88C4 xxxx
811D88C8 xxxx

xxxx = default 3C23


except for the Debug Rom (ZELOOTMA).

Is someone able to make it? Would be awesome.

Thanks for reading!
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