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Originally Posted by Ambient_Malice View Post
Jabo's LLE is worse than Ziggy's LLE in almost every way. It has poor framebuffer support and widespread geometry tearing issues. (Plus it really sucks at handling Factor 5 games in LLE.)
I know Jabo's LLE is not the best, but I wouldn't go as far as to say it's worse than Ziggy's in almost every way. If Ziggy's was way better than Jabo's, I'd be using it . Generally the graphics are better in Ziggy's but in my experience it's less stable than Jabo's. Many games I play freeze / crash or have really weird bugs. + I have hardware specific issues with Ziggy's plugin unfortunately. I usually use Jabo's LLE when testing performance of the RSP. Ideally in normal gameplay, I use pixel accurate plugin, if the game is not too heavy on the RDP. For instance in Last Legion, I maintain 60 VI/s with the pixel accurate plugin. If I just want to test a game and don't care about gfx as much, I'll use Jabo's when I need LLE since that's usually the fastest LLE gfx plugin on my hardware.
Originally Posted by Ambient_Malice View Post
Glide64 was the first N64 plugin to have effective and cheap framebuffer support, so far as I know. Wanna play RE2? You need Glide64. (GLideN64 will hopefully shake things up. Looks as though it'll handle Vigilante 8's textures in HLE, which hasn't been successful before now.)
I know there are games that work well with Glide64(Quest 64, Star Wars Ep 1 Racer, etc), but I just feel that Glide64 is overrated. I see certain users recommend Glide64, for games they don't even play and ironically it's not the best choice for the game they recommended.
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