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Default battletanx global assault cheat help

i'm new to this site and i want to now if anybody can halp me with a specific cheat that i want in this game its a color cheat, i have project 1.6 and i have the first battletanx rom and found out how to force player 1 to be any color you see in campaign in multiplayer its really cool

here are all the color codes that i found through experimenting with the codes there are 12 colors for the tanks

army green
802DE7DF 0008
802DE7DF 000A
802DE7DF 0000
802DE7DF 0004
802DE7DF 0006
802DE7DF 0005
802DE7DF 0001
maroon red
802DE7DF 000B
olive green
802DE7DF 0007
802DE7DF 0009
802DE7DF 0003
802DE7DF 0002
glitchy color
802DE7DF 000E

i did not find the black or brown colors but i take full credit for the rest of them

i want these kinds of cheats in global assault you now the tan color and black color, but no nothing about how to understand or find them can someone help me out in your spare time it can be for the EU or the USA version of the game i have both roms aswell.
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