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Default Initial Android version committed.

Bump in the hopes of getting to check out the initial Android version on Shield TV Pro,I would be glad to test run a few things in a basic way,and I don't expect much in terms of features from the Windows origin builds,hopefully it will even be possible to get the memory viewer/search but please make sure realtime cheats happen before that.

I know it is indeed possible for realtime cheats on Android from broglia's SNES.emu having realtime cheat access for changing a cheat's value repeatedly to check out DKC animations.
Hopefully it could be as convenient or more-so with onscreen view without breaking away from a still frame of the game paused using a full see-through menu or a smaller solid menu in the center.

Let me know and I can check it out if someone compiles a build or if buildbot can conveniently start making them after being programmed to do so.
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