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Exclamation Wii U Pro Controller Issues

=====Please read the whole thing=====
I first downloaded Project64 about a year ago and got Super Mario 64 (USA) first. I beat the game with 31 stars (DDD, BLJ'd through the 50SD and the Endless Staircase) with a simple keyboard. After that, I watch as other people played it with a keyboard and most people with a N64 controller. Before I got P64 and the SM64 rom, I had already lost my N64 controller that I got off of kijiji. Today, after doing my own 31 star speedrun with a literal keyboard and save-stating cause I sucked at the game, and finished in 1:03:33.376, I wanted to (finally) use a controller with P64 to see if the game would be any easier, or if I could lower my time (I guess they're the same thing). I hit the sync button on the back of the Wii U PC and paired it with my computer (RVL-CNT-01-UC).
I messed around with P64's settings (keep in mind I'm using 2.1) and got as far as the image shows. After trying to input controls nothing happened. So far thats the end of the story.
=====A big notice=====
The first time I got P64, I had a Acer running Windows 10. I now have a Mac running 10.14.2 and playing P64 using Wine, which runs it with Windows 7. I hope that information helps. If you need any more information, I'll be glad to reply to you.
=====What I've tried=====
Wine couldn't run WiinUSoft for some illogical reason, so that gets ruled out of options, and I've lost my Xbox 360 controller's wire, and since it doesn't support bluetooth then I'm screwed with that one.
=====Please don't do the following=====
Don't tell me to go buy those Xbox Wireless controllers or any receiver shenanigans. I won't be buying anything unless I'm absolutely required to.
=====Final message=====
All replies (if helpful) are appreciated. If I can get this to work, then thanks to everyone who helped.
~Swag (or SwagStarYT)
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