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Thank you for test these codes and share the problems you find.
I'm know that the image on screen sometimes freeze in biggest areas like Hyrule Field, this is because there are to much objects or characters on screen, unfortunate the solution is try to set a value nearest to the original value, making the draw distance not too far, but then these codes lose his charm.
Tell me which is your rom region and rom version, I'll see what can I do to fix that problems.
Rigth now I'm porting a HUD code from Master Quest Debug Version to other rom regions.
Next I'll go for Anamorphic Widescreen for TLOZ Ocarina of Time, I'm not sure if this will be possible, but at least I'll try to do these codes.
Sadly I already try to port the Extended Draw Distance GameShark code to Majora's Mask without sucess. But I'm don't give up!!!
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