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Originally Posted by shinra358 View Post
The original code of

81048D7E 3E80
81048DAA 3E80

already fixed the culling in the widescreen areas. At least with GlideN64's 'adjust' aspect setting.

Unfortunately, the freezes still happen, with the opposite direction abrupt ztargetting, at the same interval.
Yes, the original code fix the culling of the near objects in some areas, but not in the far away objects.
Go to Lake Hylia to the island in the middle of the lake and move the camera in first person** aroud the landscape, you will see the culling on the grass.
Go to the Market in Hyrule Town and walk with child Link around the fountain and you will see a lot of culling.
The last code that I share with you fix that problems along with the freeze image on screen you obtain when you go from Lake Hylia to Hyrule Field with child Link.
I already don't find a solution for the freeze image in Hyrule Field in the night when Link is child and you are killing enemies.

**When you use the camera in first person in GLideN64, the Link's hair block up part of your vision, this does not happen with the video plugin Jabo Direct3D8 v1.7.0.57-ver5, but in GLideN64 the pause Subscreen Delay was fixed not in Jabo's video plugin.
Originally Posted by Marcelo_20xx View Post
I found ago a gameshark code that extend the draw distance, I think retroben posted it but it had the downside of making the sounds effects play to loudly as they are tied to the draw distance routine, so I think this problem is not fixable...for now I am happy if I can force the HQ model of Link at all times, what would be the code for that for the 1.1 U rom version? thanks, great work!!!
I would have liked to know that this code had already been done, I would have saved a lot of time searching for it!!

The Extended Draw Distance GameShark Code that I already posted have some side effects:

-Acts as Widescreen Render Fix on nearby objects
-It does some sound effects loudly
-Link has always loaded his HQ model
-In big areas of the game, cause some freeze in the images on screen
Originally Posted by Marcelo_20xx View Post
Also I achieved anamorphic widescreen for any game if you are interested, for this I tweaked the output of the most popular video plugins in their source (namely Glide64Final, GlideN64, Rice), sadly anamorphic is not the ideal solution...
Thank you, I already test your modified version of Glide64Final for Castlevania - Legacy of Darkness and I use some Anamorphic Widescreen GS Codes, looks awesome. The bad part is that Anamorphic Widescreen have a lot of culling, and yes, that alone is not the solution, we need a GS Code that fix the culling on the sides of the screen.

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