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Taking Damage
806EF333 00xx
00=No Knockback
20=Squished (can get combo'ed)
40=Allows Orangestand (hold Z when getting hit,jump to fix animation)
45=Launched with damage
51=Indefinite flight (can be used as moonjump and exited by an airborne attack)
52=Teleport to safety (after damage)
54=Shrinking warp
64=Takes picture (can even take a selfie LOLZ!,exit the usual 1st person way)
59=I became a tree! (think pedophile from gmod prop hunt,gets stuck but can be exited by pausing to exit level/quit)
5D=Access gun
83=Heal and ammo refill (can get repeated if you don't hurry)

Forward Sliding Down Slope
806F08EB 00xx
0C=Walk down
0D=Shuffle down
16=Sliding down backwards
20=Squished (when reaching flat surface)
45=Cannon Launched
48=Hold invisible barrel
5D=Gun slide

Playing Instrument
806F0603 00xx
33=Epic Performance!
83=Summon Fairy (refills ammo)

Orange Bomb
806E2E4F 00xx
40=Orangestand And Bomb Throw! (Hold Z)
Note: Does not affect the 1st person bomb throw.

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