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Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
WGL's useless bro and so is Windows.

GLX is used everywhere else AFAIK, except on current Macintosh which isn't surprising since Apple leads every rebellion against sanity and compatibility that there is to lead. But in principle, anything else uses GLX to establish a connection between OpenGL and X windowing system. It was the first method IIRC since SGI proposed it themselves along with OpenGL; Microsoft just couldn't use it since very little about Windows is Unix-based.
You have a point about WGL ;/ . Maybe I shouldn't invest too much time into it then. I just don't feel like installing Linux ;/ . Not enough motivation atm, and I'd need to clean my computer, since I have too much junk, taking up harddrive space.

I hope using Linux will solve my issues with Z64gl though, since it's frustrating dealing to HW specific problems ;/ . I'm not a big fan of Mupen anymore though ;/ . It's unfortunate that I wouldn't be able to use my 2 favorite N64 emulators on Linux.
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