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Got an awesome instant character mod code!

Banjo-Tooie (U)

Instant Character Mod
810F9890 0C04
810F9892 8000
81120200 0803
81120202 DF99
81120000 2405
D1120002 0000
81120002 000B
D1081084 0800
81120002 0001
D1081084 0400
81120002 0002
D1081084 0200
81120002 0006
D1081084 0100
81120002 0007
D1081084 0820
81120002 0008
D1081084 0420
81120002 000A
D1081084 0220
81120002 000B
D1081084 0120
81120002 000C
D1081084 0810
81120002 000D
D1081084 0410
81120002 000F
D1081084 0210
81120002 0010
D1081084 0110
81120002 0012
D1081084 2800
81120002 0013
81120004 0803
81120006 DF99
Requires the activator code below.

Character Mod Activators
800F6243 0001
D0079AFE 0008
80135520 000E
D0079AFE 0004
80135520 000E
D0079AFE 0002
80135520 000E
D0079AFE 0001
80135520 000E
D0079AFE 0028
80135520 000E
D01354E3 000A
801354F8 0002
D21354E3 000A
801354F8 0001
Use D-pad and then D-pad+L then D-pad+R and finally D-pad Up+Z for transformations once you are in-game.
Golden Goliath and Clockwork Kazooie Bomb are both left out due to issues.
Also avoid using Clockworks,don't use the split-up pads,don't use Talon Torpedo,Don't activate Golden Goliath,and don't get Mumbo manually or bad things happen due to how I jimmied the player spawn data into allowing this code to be otherwise stable.

Character order is as followed;

Banjo-Kazooie,Snowball,Bee,Washing Machine,Stony,Banjo Alone,Kazooie Alone,Submarine,Mumbo,Detonator,Bank Van,T-Rex Baby,T-Rex Daddy.

Edit: Sad news! recompiler is oddly not accepting this code after the first character change.
It runs into an error on the secondary attempt while Interpreter can have it spammed with no such issues.

Edit 2: It works fine on older versions of PJ64 like 1.6 in recompiler.

Edit 3: A future version of PJ64 will likely have this fixed.
People like the EmuCR may have a build of another recent PJ64 version anyway within the next few days,unless the ones on the main site are built from a special branch.
Anyone with Patreon can access the latest builds from there on the buildbot uploads.

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