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Conker's Bad Fur Day (U)

Conker Spills Alien Guts
81086418 1507
8108641A 1998
An example of a cool discovery I found.

Conker Walking Etc. Effects Mod?
81086418 15yy
8108641A xxxx
06-E898=Play Speech/Nasty Wasps
06-F02C=Straw Sticks
06-F05C=Barfy Conker
06-F0F0=Fiery Steps
06-F14C=Cracked Earth
06-F17C=Honey Steps
06-FBE8=Dirt Filth
06-FC1C=Tracking Dirt
06-FECC=Wet Feet
06-FF50=Shaking Water Droplets
06-FFE0=Harmless Buga Shockwave
07-0014=Buga Shockwaves
07-003C=Dripping Blood
07-0084=Bleeding A Lot
07-00B4=More Bleeding!
07-00E4=Wealthy Conker
07-0114=Leaking Money
07-0144=Shoot Missiles
07-01F4=Fake Self Destruct
07-1998=Alien Guts
07-1A34=GM Poo Spit
07-1B18=Catfish Guts
07-342C=Littering Cans
07-3DA4=Knife Throwing
07-3E2C=Conker's Drug Needles
07-3EA4=Surgeon Tools

Conker Standing Effects Mod
810864C8 15yy
810864CA xxxx
06-DB5C=Skid Stop?
06-E898=Ow Leg Speech
07-0084=Perpetually Bleeding
07-00B4=Excessively Bleeding
07-00E4=Dropping Money
07-01F4=Angry Conker Explosions

Standing Jump/Etc. Effects Mod
8108642C 15yy
8108642E xxxx
06-E898=Varied Speech
06-EC50=Flapping Jump
07-1830=IMN1 Rocket Jump
07-1E58=Stride 'n Slide
07-2420=Random Spawns (attack freezes)
07-3DA4=Another Knife
07-3EA4=Surgeon Tool
07-3FA0=Loose Spawns

Accessory Effects Mod
810865A0 15yy
810865A2 xxxx
Weapon attacks and accessories.
06-B14C=Drink Soda
06-B1E8=Slam Into Ground
06-B520=Tripped Up
06-B91C=Gun Holding (levitate escapes)
06-B984=Conker Scared
06-B9C0=Attack Panic (double tap B to escape)
06-BCA0=Land Cancels
06-BF1C=Crow Voice?
06-CE6C=Bullet Toss!
06-D74C=Air Bounce?
06-E898=Jack Sent Me
06-EE60=After-image Attacks
06-F090=Immense Barfing
06-F1A8=Flames (careful)
07-00B4=Blood Slap
07-0144=Missile Shots
07-01F4=Fake Self Destruct
07-07C8=Bullet Shots
07-0CDC=Its Suicide
07-14AC=Another Gun
07-1B18=Catfish Guts
07-1ED4=Fakely Dead (needs levitate to escape)
07-1F14=Water Dead (levitate code)
07-2968=Grab Crotch
07-29D0=Become Drunk (hard mode)
07-3DA4=Knife Throw
07-4B7C=Harder Punches

Conker Animation Mod WIP
81019554 0C0F
81019556 FF00
813FFC00 3C0E
813FFC02 800D
813FFC04 8DCE
813FFC06 158C
813FFC08 15C0
813FFC0A 0003
813FFC0C 0000
813FFC0E 0000
813FFC10 0800
813FFC12 6659
813FFC14 0000
813FFC16 0000
813FFC18 240F
813FFC1A xxxx
813FFC1E yyyy
813FFC20 0800
813FFC22 6659
0032=Tiptoe (actually moves you if replacing the idle standing animation)
0034=Farting (lacks effects,improved code needed hopefully soon to make something like this be usable over other action's animation slots,like actually running could have constant gas)
0008=Slow Walk
0078=Idle Standing
Increment xxxx by 02 on the animation value until 05FA as the highest possible value you can use.
And increment yyyy by 08 for each next animation to mod,action values match each increment pan is 46 so multiply that by 8 in hex to get the attack animation mod.
Hex->46 multiplied by 8=230 so yyyy=0230
Using odd numbers for animation swaps WILL break it since it bugs out as soon as its used,only use even increments of 2.
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