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Unhappy Banjo kazooie saving and loading problem

First off, I am not electronically savvy and thus I cannot figure out how to save Banjo Kazooie. Here is my problem. I downloaded pj 2.1. I can open the rom, press save state. it will save. I can close the rom and open it back up and if i press restore, my save is loaded, but...if i completely close out of the emulator and i open it later all of the save slots are empty. Of course I googled the problem and found some forums on save state vs native state, but Im not sure what that means. I have also tried playing the game for a few minutes, saving on the game's actual save feature, exited pj64 emulator, opened the emulator and game later to only start at the very beginning of the game's opening cutscene.

Any help would be appreciated. I dont understand why this is doing this because on my gameboy emulator. I open the rom and my saves are there and i load which ever one i want to play
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