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Default Hey, open the source code for 1.7...

This may have been asked a few times before, but I am going to ask it again anyway in a complete thought according to the guidelines.

1) It would be useful to the majority of users if I could look at the code and finish it for everyone involved. It removes the "control" from 1 developer to thousands, and I can make a much easier simpler UI, and port it to other platforms.

2) It would remove the difficulties from you, I understand how hard it is to code something. I do it for a living. It would be worth it for everyone involved.

3) I am sorry there is no reason to draw a picture of this, but I think #3 is a moot point anyway.

4) To be specific and non obvious, is that original open source developers get way more respect and admiration than closed source ones. You end up looking like a jerk who is only in it for the money. We understand people need to eat and are more willing to donate to open source projects more often than closed source ones. Furthermore, we are more willing to donate twice or 3x the amount to open source ones than closed source ones we may over look because we can't have the freedom to make it better. We can't look at it and say thank you for your contribution. We sit and ponder what would drive you to keep this all a secret.

5) I did research on this, and it seems to be very negatively received but I think this would be a great idea. It would garner reputation and quite a lot of respect from the community by and large.

6) I have thought about this for a long time now, far longer than a day. I have wanted to fix it forever now.

7) My idea is complete, GPLv3 would cover all of your bases and keep it alive and well, with your original code in tact forever. You would be set in a proverbial stone.

8) Of course you don't have to, this is of course, your baby. You own the patents to the code, and it is entirely up to you. I would love to be able to work on it, and further complete it. I would love to port it to every platform I can think of. I would love to go above and beyond, but this again is your project and open source n64 emulators exist, just they aren't quite as good because they didn't dump the n64 bios and decode it like you did.

Final thoughts:
The gamecube and wii emulators are open source, the work was done to dump and decode the bioses and they are the greatest emulators on the planet. Dolphin is by far the quickest, most feature complete, system-like emulator to date. It works with every wii and gc game without an issue short of unsupported hardware.
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