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I guess their code google page was just outdated, last time i checked . I can't remember if I ever downloaded their stuff from github. I hope it has those MSVC project files. I've actually become more interested in working with their source.

I gotta check out their hle rsp too, since the one I'm using is months old. Lol my comment about RSP was just nitpicking xD, because I wouldn't even be able to use an ideal LLE gfx plugin. Someone would have to either fix up z64gl, or port angrylion's plugin. Or I'd have to get new hardware so that z64gl is more suitable ;/ . I don't have OpenGL 4.2 so I couldn't use GlideN64 even if I wanted to . I could port the RSP myself anyway .

Yes HLE is faster than LLE, especially for audio. HLE audio could be even faster if they optimized it for modern hardware, but I'm kinda glad they didn't because it's nice that people with low end hardware can still run audio very fast. I care about LLE gfx because I like some games that haven't been completely HLE'd, like Last Legion. So there's still a reason to use LLE, at least for gfx.
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