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Darn. Then the next best thing would be to have back at "Check Memory Advance" while using saved states in case of a freeze.

The other really stable setting is "Change Memory & Cache", but I'm not quite sure. That might actually introduce one or two crashes known to happen in the game at some point, since both that and "Check Memory Advance" can be either faster or slower or more or less stable than the other, depending on the game. You might experiment, but don't be surprised if that doesn't cut it.

Otherwise 1964 0.8.5 and mupen should still work pretty good. The problem is that it sounds like you don't have top-end graphics hardware there (though glN64 is known to not be so stable lol). If you'd like see how Glide64 works, which if you install Mupen64 you get it bundled and ready to use.
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