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"Idk why, but the exe is configured to have glide64 as a dependency. I think it's better to remove the dependency."

Hard to tell if as it turns out, I can't even compile the thing. The VS2008 makefile didn't compile successfully either, and there are too many warnings flooding the compiler output for me to analyze why it failed. The VS2010 makefile like you said...didn't work for you too??

So what, nobody cares if newer versions of Visual Studio can be used? Why?
Because older MSVC builds had faster run-time performance?
Because of CRT linkage/version of MSVCRT required?
Because of build file size?
Because of memory usage within the newer releases of the Visual Studio IDE?
All of those problems are amenable.

This is what I meant when I was arguing about portability with you earlier--it's not just Windows/Macintosh/Linux; it's other things like this--not being able to use the available versions of Visual Studio from Microsoft to compile the project, without converting some old makefile like from MSVC 2008. Things like inline asm aside--if something requires compiling in older versions of a compiler, and not newer versions, it is a hindrance to portability.
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