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Zelda Ocarina (U) (V1.0)

Codes based on Cloudmodding OOT RAM Notes

Unrestricted Items
8106F2AC 2405
8106F2AE 0000
810F7350 0000
810F7352 0000
Doesn't fix it for underwater usage,still can't globally use deku nuts.

99 Item Caps
800F8CCF 0063
800F8CD1 0063
800F8CD3 0063
800F8CD7 0063
800F8CD9 0063
800F8CDB 0063
800F8CF7 0063
800F8CF9 0063
800F8CFB 0063
800F8CFF 0063
800F8D01 0063
800F8D03 0063
800F8D07 0063
800F8D09 0063
800F8D0B 0063

Bagless 99 Item Caps
800F8CCD 0063
800F8CD5 0063
800F8CF5 0063
800F8CFD 0063
800F8D05 0063
Useful maybe.

Infinite Item Usage?
81072208 2405
8107220A 0001
May work for hacked items.

Music Instrument List Mod
810B77BC 2410
810B77BE xxxx
Try by itself for swapped instrument lists,otherwise use code below for a single instrument but it only plays nice with Lon Lon Ranch.
00D9=Oddly Instruments
0115=Deku Tree
0117=Castle Market
011B=Hyrule Field
0129=Jabu Jabu's Belly
012B=Kakariko Village
012D=Fairy Fountain?
0131=Fire Temple (controversial samples)
0135=Forest Temple (amazing in shops)
0139=Ganondorf's Piano Organ
013B=Lon Lon Ranch
013D=Goron City
0143=Bolero of Fire
0151=Temple of Time (lacking choir in most areas)
0153=Getting Epona
0155=Kokiri Village
0157=Learned Song (drums happen too?)
0159=Lost Woods
015B=Spirit Temple
015D=Horse Race
0173=Deku Tree's Words?
0177=Goddess Flight
017B=Sheik's Harp Playing
017D=Zora Domain
017F=??? Good
0189=Temple of Light?
018D=Ice Cavern
0191=The Owl Speaks
0193=Shadow Temple
0195=Water Temple
0197=Goddesses Depart
0199=Sages Unite
019B=Gerudo Valley
019D=Hag Shop
019F=Kotake and Koume
01A3=Ganon's Castle
01AB=Ending Credits 1
01AD=Credits 2
01AF=Credits 3
01B1=Credits 4

Instrument Slot Mod (use Lon Lon Ranch 013B on code above)
810B7FF4 2402
810B7FF6 05D0
Makes a certain voice every instrument from Lon Lon Ranch.
Add 0020 over 05D0 each time for more instruments? Not sure how to make it work consistently.
Many other combinations will crash if 05D0 is the value,its really frustrating.
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