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how about: let's associate saves with pj64 (which entails changing our save filenames from to just e.g. .N.pjsav - which is still a zip file though, just with its own extension, and N is the slot number). then users can double click on our saves, and as long as the rom is in their rom folder, PJ could find the rom and load the saved position. nice yes? like opening a document really.
- might also require adding a text file to the zip with the rom filename

i want to throw one more thing in before i address the topic:
i have roaming profiles setup on my home network (aswell as limited user restrictions).
what this means is: some folders are included and others are excluded from the part of the userprofile that roams; large files should (and this is MS guidelines again not just IMHO) be in \%Username%\Local Settings\AppName, and not %AppData%\AppName. this stops them roaming. save states i think are large files (for roaming purposes, considering its easily around 20MB per game if using several slots). just something else to consider please..
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