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Ok, so I tried a couple of different things at once and I'm not sure which one fixed the issue.

First, I loaded my profile like normal and then realized I needed to use F7 to restore my quick save (pressed F5 after playing nocturne of shadow). When I loaded my profile I was kid link in my old Kokiri Forest hut (no clue why I started there since I did a hard save in the Temple of Time).

Then I decided to swap out whatever I was carrying to some new things. My final setup was Ocarina left C, Deku Sticks bottom C, Slingshot Right C.

Since both times the game crashed was at night, I decided to play the Sun's song to make it day and this time when I played the Song of Storms it didn't crash.

My best guess is that loading a quicksave is what fixes the issue since that is the only thing I have in common with the guy who posted above me. However, I have no clue if that's right. Hopefully this works for anyone else researching this issue.