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Whoa,you joined the forum around the same time I did.

Yeah,that Mumbo issue is a big annoyance just as much as the Jolly Roger UFO scene.
I recently made a code mod using a lagfix code to toggle conditions that uses Counter Factor 2 as an exploit.

Sixty Frames Hack 2.0
8003F4F2 000D
8007913F 0001
D0081084 0008
8003F4F2 0002
Press D-pad up during a problematic cutscene to finish it and regain control.

I recommend holding it during that entire scene plus the Lagoon UFO scenes and also the magnet scenes in Grunty Industries.
You need to use a Counter Factor of 2 in order for it to work properly.

(Granted,it would probably be easier to force it to go 30fps during those scenes to prevent the issues so the fps stays crisp with the full lagfix and Counter Factor 1 combined.)

Also,here is another issue that needed fixing. (not sure if it will mess up the button toggle for cutscenes on the above code.

New lagfix option to fix JiggyWiggy's challenge timer.

Repaired Challenge Lagfix
8003F4F2 000D
8003F4F2 0002
Keeps the timer from going too fast in JiggyWiggy's Challenge,hopefully not triggered in other areas.
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