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I will try my hardest to resist buying it, since I must try to limit the number of times Nintendo can sell me the same game
I already have OoT on N64, two copies + master quest on the gamecube, and it's available on the wii virtual console.
I also have Starfox 64 on N64 and Wii, I have Pokemon snap on N64 and Wii, I have the original Zelda on GBA and gamecube, etc. (this list makes me feel like I've been a very foolish consumer...)

On the other hand, OoT 3D looks like a wonderful way of keeping OoT fresh for a new generation. I'm very impressed with the way they seem to have added a lot of details that make it look much more real. The lighting, a few extra polygons, some sort of better dust effect behind Epona (and other graphical tricks I don't recognise, no doubt). I'm not sure I link Link's new bodies though - they seem much more cartoony than they were on the N64. I thought Twilight princess captured the way OoT should ideally look, and this doesn't look like that.

I really like the way PJ64 can add antialiasing and can make 4:3 games into widescreen by extending the area that's drawn. Would it be impossible, though, to have it render the image from a second camera horizontally displaced by a few game-metres? Then players could use a fancy screen or cross their eyes to make PJ64 3D. I really have no idea how difficult that might be
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