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Default Super Mario 64 (U) Try this

Put this code into the cheat prompt of the PJ64 and load Super Mario 64 (U) and [EDIT: You don't need to press L to activate, it should work on it's own].... Have Fun

8133d2d0 27bd
8133d2d2 ffe8
8133d2d4 afbf
8133d2d6 0014
8133d2d8 3c06
8133d2da 8034
8133d2dc 90c4
8133d2de d3d0
8133d2e0 2484
8133d2e2 0001
8133d2e4 a0c4
8133d2e6 d3d0
8133d2e8 2405
8133d2ea 0010
8133d2ec 0c0b
8133d2ee 59b0
8133d2f0 24c6
8133d2f2 d3e0
8133d2f4 8fbf
8133d2f6 0014
8133d2f8 27bd
8133d2fa 0018
8133d2fc 03e0
8133d2fe 0008
810ee060 8033
810ee062 d2d0
8133d3e0 4d44
8133d3e2 4b43
8133d3e4 4845
8133d3e6 4154
8133d3e8 5320
8133d3ea 4953
8133d3ec 2044
8133d3ee 4120
8133d3f0 4d41
8033d3f2 004e
The World is burning...

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