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Default Games don't control well

So I'm using a Logitech controller, it works well enough for other things.

But on Project64... not as much.

Maybe it's just the way N64 was? Haven't touched the actual console itself in like 12 years.

With a 2D game like Kirby Crystal Shards, it's good, no issues.

3D games are an issue, however.

I was testing it out with Mario 64, and I could barely get any stars in Bob-omb Battlefield because the control stick movement was so awkward. I tried adjusting the settings and it doesn't seem to change much.

He's either not moving at all, or going at full speed. Adjusting the gamepad's analog stick Dead Zone seemed to help slightly, but not nearly enough. I kept constantly falling off platforms and was unable to move in the exact direction I wanted. I don't remember the game being this hard to control.

Adjusting the Range seemed to do nothing.

Not only the speed, but just the way he changes directions and everything is so off in a 3D environment. =\

Is there any way to fix this? It's better than using a keyboard but still, I can't play most games like this.
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