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I haven't 30FPS hex locked the game yet (since I don't know how to find the hex address from the AR codes on N64 roms) but I finally made a Hold L key to go back to 20FPS mode when needed. But with the softlock 30FPS mode (via cheat entries) it doesn't happen anything bad when you enter the Pause Menu, also the crawling animation to enter Hyrule's Castle doesn't get you stuck (maybe we can study this code and made it function like this on the other crawling events, I mean make it automatic so Link doesn't have to manually crawl the holes).

When you switch to 20FPS you just jump higher and further, but I never use 20FPS beside for crawling, so its not a problem. One thing that needs desperately fixing is the jumping slash animation, its physics got screwed on 30FPS since you cant jump just high enough to hit anything and the enemies almost always hits you.

The Deku Scrubs shots doesn't explode on 30FPS it must be that 60FPS is too much for this game, so I have passed the first dungeon with no problems.

Overall I am enjoying replaying OoT at 30FPS...

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