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I know I'm prone to hyperbole and looking at the glass as half empty, but here's my thoughts.

Wiki Website: This is a good idea insomuch that PJ64 and N64 emulation in general really needs more documentation of discoveries and gathered data. Having game compatibility on said wiki is... not such a great idea. Because if you'll forgive my bluntless it will be hundreds of pages of:

Problem: Game shits itself in some way.

Solution: Use GLideN64 or Angrylion's.

Test roms: This is a really, really good idea.

Improve Cycle accuracy: Also a really good idea, and one that would allow certain hacks to be removed, and for general game behavior to be much closer to the console. I don't think stuff like Rayman 2 will ever behave correctly until cycle timing is better.

Add netplay: I am curious about the issue of random number generation and netplay. Firstly, PJ64's RNG needs fixing. Secondly, is it actually possible to have working RNG while also having working netplay? That seems like something that might require quite a bit of thought. I don't think the existing methods of netplay are good enough. You need a tighter, core-level sync.

Improve Project64-video: Your refactor work has been quite good. But I'm sceptical about the realism of making PJ64-Video more accurate. As an example, how are you going to fix mipmapping? I'm not being condescending here. One of the reasons why GLideN64 uses GL3.3 as a baseline is because PC GPUs can't natively mimic N64 mipmapping. It has to be done in shaders. PJ64-Video's method is inherently flawed, and that's why Turok/Conker/PD/and some other games are broken. Improving PJ64-Video isn't necessarily a bad idea, but it's an incredibly ambitious task that doesn't really have a clear route. Still, if you're confident you can get the job done, then I defer to your judgement.

Create a basic open source audio plugin: This is a good idea, but the bigger problem is that Jabo's is broken and it needs replacing ASAP.

New UI for GlideN64: It is a pity Gonetz used QT because it has caused a lot of headaches. The Zilmar version is a nightmare to build.

Enhancement Build: Way I see it, you should split the cheat menu into two sections. One section is for stuff like 60fps hacks, the other for cheats. Bear in mind you're really not going to see that many 60fps hacks that aren't unstable and therefore not recommendable.

I would also like to point out that PJ64 would greatly benefit from an extension to the plugin spec where a plugin like GLideN64 can inform PJ64 that it is running in forced widescreen mode. Then PJ64 consults a database of widescreen hacks and applies them if suitable. This is mainly scissoring/culling hacks that are written as standard cheats.
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