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Post READ ME: Getting Help With PJ64

For all newly registered members, Please read this so you can solve your problem and avoid any unwanted sarcasm.


Before we give you any assistance, please answer these simple questions:

1: Are you using the public 1.6 version, beta 1.7 version, or a cracked 1.7 version (borrowed/leaked from other site)?

(If you answered one of the first two options then we will try to help you as best as we can.)

(However, If you selected the third option, then you WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY SUPPORT. PERIOD.)

2: What are you computer specs (graphics card, OS, amount of memory)?

3: What plugins are you using (I.E. jabo's, N-rage, Rice, Glide)?

4: Have you looked at the Manuals and Guides, FAQS, Known Issues, or the Game specific issues on the main site?

5: Have you used the Search function?

If after answering all of all these questions and you still need help, create a new thread in the relevant section.
What to read before you post


Xinput for Xbox 360 Controller

PJ64 1.6 Download

System Specs:

Windows 7 Professional
GeForce GTX 760
120 GB SSD, 1 TB HHD x2 (1 Internal/1 External)
Intel i5-4670k

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