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Originally Posted by e2118289 View Post
2nd EDIT: Trlkly, it seems you haven't interpreted correctly what I've said:
Actually he very well interpreted what you said, and he very well answered your complaining.

Originally Posted by e2118289 View Post
Apart from that, I don't think it's a permission problem.
Maybe that's cuz you're retarded?

Like you just admitted yourself in your own quote:
// This Cheat file is only to be used with Project64 version 1.7
The same thing can be found in the 1.6 RDB using it on 1.6 only, except Gent was around back then to give user rights to use it on later versions of the emulator.

So, like Trlkly just finished proving to you in your quote, nobody had automatic permission to use Gent's 1.7 RDB with 2.1.
And like I told you earlier in my reply, Gent left. Nobody is left in the Project64 team, and Gent sure as hell would never have answered to any of zilmar's permission requests regarding the cheat file. If you thought enough about what that meant when I said that zilmar was the only one left here, you might not have failed to get everyone else's meaning.

It was you who misinterpreted his attempt to help you by changing the subject back to having the 1.6 RDB on 2.1, which was exactly the problem he was trying to explain to you.

So you can send us more PMs claiming you edited a reply into your original post here, no one cares you egotistical assclown
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