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Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
I'm using:

START button: Enter/Return (debated between this and the space bar)
A button: A
B button: S
Z-trigger: X
L Button: Q
R Button: R
C-buttons: NUMPAD(4), NUMPAD(8), NUMPAD(6), NUMPAD(2) (left/up/right/down)
Digital Pad: J/I/L/K (left/up/right/down)
Control Stick: arrow keys

So if anyone thinks there is a better config please let me know!
I no longer use this config.

Someone pointed out a better one. It took me a few days to get used to it but actually I do a lot better with it.

START button:  E
A button:  J
B button:  K
Z-trigger:  O
L Button:  U
R Button:  I
C-buttons:  {l p ' ;} (left/up/right/down)
Digital Pad:  arrow keys
Control Stick:  WASD
At first I was like WTF? Not one single thing about the pattern of the keys in that config even looks logical but then I found the guy had used this config on many different types of controllers for different platforms. At least for N64 I like it better than my old one. Again, I didn't get used to it right away. It was pretty non-intuitive for me at first but with a little patience you'll be glad you put up with it.

My old config is still good IMO but the thing being improved upon is it always required having both my left and right hands ready for opposite ends of the keyboard (as far right as the NUMPAD and as far last as A/S for the A and B buttons). I find with my new config I can play games single-handedly more often so to speak.
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