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Set analog range to 99% and deadzone to 1% if not already done.

You can hold a direction to keep Bowser spinning at the same speed with no slowing down,so as lon as a direction is held when hitting each key,it should work.

What kind of keyboard is being used? Many keyboards are utter garbage because of ghosting issues with multiple keys.
Its sad that a laptop's dedicated keyboard has worse ghosting than my wireless Logitech K400 Plus which I have mapped IKJL for analog because cursor keys end up with ghosting more easily.

I desperately want a wireless keyboard with a touchpad that also has anti-ghosting but at the cost of needing 4 AA batteries instead of 2,but that may not exist.

There is some amazing cheaply priced wired anti-ghosting keyboards,even ones also having touchpads.
A wired one would restrict myself because I have no setup for a desk to use it on,nor with a proper mouse.
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